How to find your Hypnosis therapist in our directory?

When you’re looking to find a qualified hypnotherapist in France, Belgium, Switzerland or Canada who is competent and ethical, a good hypnotherapy directory is one of the first things you should have to hand. By working with a qualified hypnotherapist, you can be sure that the professional you choose is reputable and trustworthy. The information in our directory has been compiled to help you in your search for a qualified hypnotherapist.

A hypnotherapist is a professional who practices hypnosis for the purpose of alleviating a variety of ailments and disorders, including, but not limited to, clinical depression and anxiety, smoking, weight loss, insomnia, anger management, professional and personal problems, and more. If you are considering hypnotherapy as a possible treatment option for a particular problem or disorder, you will first need to find a qualified practitioner.

How do you go about it? You can either refer to qualified health professionals or therapists who practice hypnosis in their own practices, or find a professional in your area using a hypnotherapy directory. Hypnotherapy directories are now easily accessible online and contain profiles of qualified therapists from all over France, Switzerland, Belgium and Quebec in Canada.

annuaire thérapeute en hypnose

Hypnosis one-on-one

Classic one-to-one hypnosis sessions for everyday ailments

Couple Therapy

The role of hypnosis in couples. Dealing with the classic problems of life as a couple

Hypnosis for children

Talk to your hypnosis specialist about your child’s difficulties

Find the practitioner who can help you

It’s not easy to find your way around hypnosis when you’re going through a personal difficulty. Our guide to hypnotherapists is here to help you easily find your hypnosis therapist in your area, in France, Switzerland, Belgium or Quebec in Canada.

Hypnosis could be of interest in the following areas:


Stress management


Anxiety management


Gestion du poids


L'arrĂȘt du tabac

Difficulties at work


Help with depression


Pour mieux dormir


Panic attacks


Help with dependencies


Pain management


DĂ©veloppement personnel



Your French hypnosis and hypnotherapy directory

It is of course advisable to contact a hypnotherapist in your area whom you know personally. However, if you prefer to search for a qualified professional hypnotherapist through a directory, it’s worth looking for a directory that focuses on hypnotherapy in the French-speaking world, France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium. These directories provide you with a list of hypnotherapists, with their professional and personal backgrounds, telephone numbers and links to their websites.

Find a hypnosis practitioner, a hypnotherapist in France, Belgium, French-speaking Switzerland, Quebec and Canada:
ParisMarseilleLyonToulouseNiceNantesMontpellierStrasbourgBordeauxLilleRennesReimsSaint EtienneHavreToulonGrenobleDijonAngersNĂźmesVilleurbanneSaint DenisAix en ProvenceMansClermont FerrandBrestToursAmiensLimogesAnnecyPerpignanBoulogne BillancourtMetzBesançonOrlĂ©ansSaint DenisArgenteuilRouenMulhouseMontreuilSaint PaulCaenNancyTourcoingRoubaixNanterreVitry sur SeineAvignonCrĂ©teilDunkerquePoitiersAubervilliersAsniĂšres sur SeineColombesVersaillesAulnay sous BoisSaint PierreCourbevoieFort de FranceCherbourg-en-CotentinRueil MalmaisonChampigny sur MarneTamponPauBĂ©ziersLa RochelleCalaisSaint Maur des FossĂ©sCannesAntibesMamoudzouMĂ©rignacDrancyColmarSaint NazaireAjaccioIssy les MoulineauxÉvry-CourcouronnesNoisy le GrandBourgesVĂ©nissieuxLa Seyne sur MerCergyLevallois PerretQuimperValenceVilleneuve d’AscqAntonyPessacIvry sur SeineTroyesNeuilly sur SeineCayenneMontaubanClichyChambĂ©ryNiortSarcellesLorientBeauvaisBlanc Mesnil

For French-speaking Switzerland with Geneva, Lausanne, NeuchĂątel, Fribourg, or Yverdon, Renens, Cheseaux, La Chaux de Fonds, Morges

Quebec in Canada: Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, Laval, Longueuil, Sherbrooke.

Belgium: Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Anderlecht, Bruges